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Premium SEO Link Building: Focused on High-Quality Acquisition

In the dynamic world of SEO, we, at PlaceMyLink, stand apart by mastering the art of high-quality link acquisition. Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: quality over quantity. While many link building services focus on amassing links at scale, we prioritize the authority and relevance of each connection we forge. Our approach isn’t just about adding numbers to your backlink profile; it’s about adding value.

What sets us apart is our meticulous process of selecting only the most authoritative and relevant sites for link placement. We believe that a single link from a top-tier site can have a more significant impact than dozens from lesser-known sources. This strategy not only enhances your website’s credibility but also propels it to the top of search engine rankings, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed your competition.

Our team comprises SEO strategists who are not just skilled but passionate about delivering results that matter. We dive deep into understanding your brand’s unique narrative and goals, ensuring that every link we secure aligns perfectly with your vision. By leveraging our extensive industry experience and cutting-edge techniques, we ensure that every backlink is a step towards your greater online success.

At PlaceMyLink, we’re not just a service provider; we’re your strategic SEO partner. Join us in transforming your digital footprint, one authoritative link at a time.

Link Building Services we Offer!

Our Legacy of Link Building Expertise

With over ten years in the SEO realm, we specialize in elevating digital agencies through strategic link building. Our journey has been about more than creating links; it’s about forging pathways to success.

Securing High-Caliber Connections

We don’t just acquire links; we ensure they are of the highest quality. Our focus is on sites with real organic traffic and strong Domain Ratings, ensuring every backlink contributes to your growth.

Real Sites, Real Impact

Say goodbye to PBNs, expired, or dropped domains. Our commitment is to authentic, high-quality sites. Each link is a testament to credibility, driving genuine value to your digital presence.

Tailored Links for Your Business

Every link we secure is carefully chosen to align with your business, ensuring relevancy at every step. This focused approach guarantees that our services not only enhance your SEO but also resonate with your brand’s unique narrative.

Organic Growth, Redefined

Our expertly crafted and promoted content is designed to earn credible backlinks, boosting your site’s traffic, awareness, and authority. With us, your business isn’t just visible; it’s a step ahead.

Your Growth, Our Goal

At the core of our services is a commitment to your success. We’re not just providing a service; we’re partnering in your growth, helping you reach new heights organically and sustainably.

How Our Link Building Services Work:

Complete website analysis, in-depth technical audit, and competitive link gap analysis to strategically enhance and outshine your online presence.

Advanced link building strategy with domain roadmap, 24/7 tracking dashboard, and monthly strategy calls for continual growth and insight.

Stay connected 24/7 via email or Slack for daily updates, weekly reports, and monthly KPI discussions, ensuring constant communication.

Relax as we secure high-authority backlinks for you, and witness your rankings surpass competitors and more business.

“Partnering with this team transformed our online presence. Their expertise in securing high-quality, relevant links drove remarkable traffic growth and pushed us ahead of our competition. Absolutely no shortcuts, just strategic and effective link building!”

Andy Crestodina
Co-Founder at Orbit Media

Link Building Pricing

We offer flexible options, which you can adapt to the different needs of each project.


$1009 P/M

08 Link Per Month

DR 20-29: 4 links

DR 30-39: 3 links

DR 40-49: 1 links

Manual Outreach

Niech relevency

Daily SERP Tracking

Dashboard Access


$1999 P/M

12 Link Per Month

DR 20-29: 5 links

DR 30-39: 4 links

DR 40-49: 3 links

Manual Outreach

Niech relevency

Daily SERP Tracking

Dashboard Access


$3299 P/M

18 Link Per Month

DR 20-29: 7 links

DR 30-39: 6 links

DR 40-49: 5 links

Manual Outreach

Niech relevency

Daily SERP Tracking

Dashboard Access

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